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Scan me if you can

Gamer mirror augmented by vascular, skeleton, muscular, and dermic systems with sensors, gender recognition, computer and 75" screen, in lacquered glass and iroko wood.

Prospection is moved by imagination. Scan me if you can catches visitors, for a split second, to scan the inners, which make them. The visitors see the vascular system, which beats at the heart rate, the skeleton system, which supports them, the muscular system, which moves them, and the dermic system, which reconnects them to the world. The visitors are virtually being rebuilt inside-and-outside by futurist upcoming medical imaging. Scan me if you can focuses more onto the visitors' appetite for videogames than to their health.

[Concep] Ikse Maître
[Computer graphics and affective computing] Matthieu Courgeon
[Soundscapes] Vincent Hulot

Gender recognition: Christian Kueblbeck and Andreas Ernst, Face detection and tracking in video sequences using the modified census transformation, Journal on Image and Vision Computing 24(6), 564-572, 2006, ISSN 0262-8856 www.iis.fraunhofer.de/en/bf/bsy/fue/isyst

Scan me - if you can is a creation by des Vues de l’esprit; an opening of Le sas, a science-art-society group; a production of La métonymie and Cité des sciences et de l’industrie.

Creation: e-LAB, Cité des sciences et de l’industrie, Paris, France – du 24 octobre 2017 au 31 août 2018.

Associated works: Radiant shadows, Premières Intimités de l'être, Tout passe, Tout un monde



Scan me if you can - scan starting


Scan me if you can - scanning


Scan me if you can - scanning


Scan me if you can - vascularly scanned


Scan me if you can - scan over

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