Le sas, science-art-society group - The Children of the stars

The Children of the stars

Stellar composition for visitors, sensors, loudspeakers, computers, and videoprojectors
Wal and ground projections

Dust and gas

Stars are born out of a cloud of dust and gas. After countless interactions and billions of years, planets have flared out. Collisions, frictions, and large scale perturbations produce planetary systems, which, for some of them, will become the cradle for life. The Children of the stars take back time and space so beyond the clouds everyone can, even before acting, interacting. A stellar system accompanies every visitor in a rather messy path of the deep universe.

[Concept] Frédéric Baudin et Ikse Maître
[Music] Vincent Hulot
[Assistant] Guillaume Junot
in collaboration with  cervval_logo_gris


The Children of the stars rely on real-time capture and processing of the visitors' position and motion in the three-dimensional space of the visitors. The measurements of sixteen sensors, distributed at the periphery and independently controlled by a processing unit, ensure everyone's interaction and coupling to the surrounding deep universe and the visitors who are crossing the space.

Les Enfants des étoiles is adigital work by des Vues de l’esprit; an opening by Le sas, science-art-society group; a production by La métonymie, in collaboration with CERVVAL, in partnership with BioMaps, IAS, Université Paris-Saclay and with the support of La Diagonale Paris-Saclay.


October 3 2020 - La Commanderie


La Commanderie