Le sas, science-art-society group - The Eye of the Sun

The Eye of the Sun

Solar composition for visitors, sensors, loudspeakers, computers, lenses, mirrors and video-projectors made of aluminium and acrylic.

The Eye of the Sun is a twofold curiosity. It sees us. It looks for the invisible. It supports the constant dynamics of both the sight and the Sun. It searches for light, which carries interaction, extreme ultraviolet light, X rays, which serenely bursts out of the star and which we do not see.

Like from the back of an eye, this light brings to the surface the inside that we cannot capture just by looking.



[Concept] Ikse Maître
[Computer graphics and affective computing] Tim Schneider, Matthieu Courgeon
[Music composition] Vincent Hulot
[Human-machine interaction] Tim Schneider, Michèle Gouiffès
[Optics] Karen Perronet
[Solar astrophysics] Frédéric Auchère, Frédéric Baudin, Éric Buchlin
[Construction and logistics] Tanguy Boucneau, Julien Kozlowski, Ismail Konaté
[Music spatialisation] David Poirier-Quinot

The different  facets of the Sun

The Eye of the Sun is a digital work des Vues de l’esprit Out of The Eye's curiosity; an opening of Le sas, science-art-society group; a production by La métonymie, in collaboration with IR4M, Lab-STICC, IAS, LIMSI, CNRS, and the University Paris-Sud, University Paris-Saclay, with the support of e-LAB, Cité des sciences et de l'industrie.

Un Ingénieur, un projet, Cité des sciences et de l'industrie, Paris, France - 24-29 April 2018
Eyes off art and science, MIAC, Art Basel, Basel - June 13-16, 2019
Stars up, Festival de la science, de l'aérospatiale et de l'innovation, Observatoire de  Meudon, Paris, France - 28-29 June 2019

La Nuit Blanche, Commanderie des Templiers, Élancourt, France – 5 October 2019