Le sas, science-art-society group - Into two

Deux d'en d'eux / Into two

Art-science creation made of magnetic resonance and printing in grayscale on foliated glass – Polyptych of twenty pieces (60 cm × 200 cm).

Nudity of body under the clothes ; Intimity of being under the skin ; Deux d’en d’eux explores the inside of two people to put outside their inside ; to untangle their mutual intrication ; to catch their common dynamics and let those fragile hearts beat.

Deux d’en d’eux is the exploded portrait of an embrace giving back to space what it stole to the time during the tiny measurement duration of the free induction decay signal emitted by the nuclear spins of the hydrogen atoms in water molecules making living organisms. Deux d’en d’eux is a living hand-to-hand in suspension. Hearts are still beating and the world is still breathing.


Since the first picture taken with X-Rays in 1895, echography, nuclear imaging, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), optical imaging but also, more recently, magnetoencephalography (MEG) and electroencephalography (EEG) daily go through the frontier of our skin. All those medical imaging techniques discover what is happening inside our bodies and are able to follow live our organs in function. With functional MRI, it is even possible to visualize the activity itself of our brain.

With their underlying physical principles, Ikse Maître want to question what those techniques give us to see beyond human perception to discuss about what we perceive in the bodies the medical images show us and about what we fell through those images of the inside of the body. This intrusion into our privacy invites us to think about the way those learned eyes are able to change the representation we have of our own body.

Deux dans d’eux is a creation of Ikse Maître ; an opening of Le sas, science-art-society group ; a production of La métonymie, in partnership with the IR4M, the IAS, the CNRS and the Université Paris-Sud.

On going work and production.

Proof small format - Cloître des Billettes, Paris, France - aestival 2 - 4-31 août 2017
Proof large format - Cloître des Billettes, Paris, France - aestival 2 - 4-31 août 2017
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